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St. Helena Recovery Center has a long history of helping thousands to become addiction free. Located in the beautiful hills of the Napa Valley, it’s a perfect place to get away and focus on healing your mind, body and spirit.


St. Helena Hospital was established in 1878 as the Rural Health Retreat by Merritt Kellogg. The Adventist leader Ellen G. White visited the site before building had begun, and approved it. The original building was 28 by 72 feet (8.5 by 21.9 m), a two-story wood frame structure with a parlor, dining room, treatment room and thirteen bedrooms. The retreat was an immediate success, and the building soon had to be expanded.

St. Helena is the oldest Seventh-day Adventist hospital in the United States. After the turn of the century, St. Helena Hospital became a full-service community hospital. St. Helena Hospital operates St. Helena Hospital Clearlake in Lake County and a 61-bed behavioral health hospital in Vallejo, California that provides mental health care services for children, adolescents and adults across northern California. St. Helena Hospital has a teaching affiliation with Pacific Union College.

The St. Helena Recovery Center is located on the campus of St. Helena Hospital, approximately 70 miles north of San Francisco. Our recovery center is a well-established leader in the treatment of addiction. Since 1975 we’ve helped thousands of addicts – and their families – to begin the process of recovery.

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Mission, Vision and Values

The spirit of St. Helena Hospital is united by a strong mission and values to helping others.

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Our Team

You are not in this journey alone. From the St. Helena Recovery Center’s compassionate staff to personal loved ones, a support team is by your side to guide and uplift you through every phase of recovery.

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Located in the beautiful Napa Valley, our serene setting is a perfect place to heal, find tranquility and peace of mind as you begin your journey of recovery.

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As part of our family, we offer a comfortable atmosphere with home-cooked food, friendly staff and a beautiful setting. It’s the perfect place to heal physically and mentally.

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In addition to the highest standards of accreditation, St. Helena Recovery Center’s qualified team of professionals are united by a passion to helping you on a path to recovery.

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Success Stories

Success Stories
I am so grateful for this opportunity. I know this experience has changed my life and the lives of my family. The counseling staff works wonderfully as a team. I've received something from each counselor Read More>>
St. Helena's staff treated me with dignity. I felt safe and well-informed through Dr. Hambrick and Dr. Arlene Taylor's powerful, informative and educational lectures. Read More>>