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The St. Helena Recovery Center offers an evidence-based 28-day live-in program, family program and aftercare program. In addition, we offer medically-supervised detoxification at St. Helena Hospital for those in need.

Types of Addictions We Treat

The St. Helena Recovery Center is experienced in treating a variety of addictions, including:


A chronic disease including uncontrolled drinking and preoccupation with alcohol. Symptoms include five or more drinks daily for a man or four for a woman, or the need to start each day with a drink and/or guilt over drinking.


A category of drugs that are used for treating pain. Common opiates include:
 Vicodin, Oxycontin®, Hydrocodone®, Naloxone, Buprenorphine®, Codeine®, Demerol®, Heroin, Lorcet®, Vicoprofen®, Methadone® and Opium.


A class of sedative and sleep inducing drugs derived from barbituric acid. They are used to treat anxiety, insomnia and seizure disorders. This is a particularly dangerous category of drugs due to the fact that a slight overdose can cause coma or death. Common barbituates include: Amytal®, Nembutal®, Seconal®, Fiorina®, Butisol®, Luminal® and Mebaral®.


A type of medication commonly known as tranquilizers. They can be used in the treatment of anxiety, alcohol withdrawal, muscle relaxation, insomnia, seizure control and anesthetic. Examples are Ambien, Ativan®, Halcion®, Klonopin®, Valium® and Xanax®.

Medical Detox

Our medical detox program is safe, comfortable and is under the supervision of specially trained physicians at St. Helena Hospital. Detox services are tailored to support you emotionally and physically. We’ll work with your doctor and monitor you around-the clock to ensure your safety. Once you are released from detox, you can then be admitted to the St. Helena Recovery Center 28-day Program.

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28-Day Program

The 28-day program is life changing. You’ll break through denial, free yourself from your addiction in a controlled environment and develop new living skills necessary to achieve lasting sobriety.

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Six-Week Family Program

Addiction is a family disease. That’s why families are an integral part of our treatment philosophy. We help you and your family learn about addiction, the causes of it and how you can support each other while on the journey to recovery.

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Aftercare Program

The transitional phase of leaving treatment is often the most crucial phase in the process. We provide you with access to Aftercare Groups so you can stay connected, discuss your progress and receive feedback and support from your peers.

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Success Stories

Success Stories
I am so grateful for this opportunity. I know this experience has changed my life and the lives of my family. The counseling staff works wonderfully as a team. I've received something from each counselor Read More>>
St. Helena's staff treated me with dignity. I felt safe and well-informed through Dr. Hambrick and Dr. Arlene Taylor's powerful, informative and educational lectures. Read More>>