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Insurance Billing & Case Management

We help you with your insurance company.

We accept third party payments according to the provisions of your individual health insurance plan. Our programs are participating with many health insurance plans. Should you request us to bill your insurance, we will help you communicate with your insurance company. The insurance process can be complicated at times when authorizing any recovery program; however, we have staff who will help you every step of the way.

As a resource to you, we can offer information on a medical credit card application. Please talk to an admissions counselor for more information.

Payment Responsibility

Because the St. Helena Recovery Center contracts directly with you upon admission, you are responsible for payment of services. We cannot hold insurance companies responsible for payment of our treatment fees.

However, our financial counselor will assist you with your insurance and may also offer in-house financing options upon approval. On the day of admission, please bring an insurance card, driver’s license and credit card or checkbook for any agreed upon co-payments.

How to understand your insurance Benefits

As part of our services we want to ensure that your experience is the best it can be, and ensuring that you understand the finances of recovery at St. Helena Recovery Center is an important part of that experience.

Our program costs start at $11,480 (not including detox, or medical professional fees) without Insurance, and while we work collaboratively with your insurer to assure that your benefits are available to you, we want you to help ensure that you understand your insurance benefits and how they relate to your stay here.

Please review your insurance card and scan it for a phone number next to either Chemical Dependency or Behavioral Health (may also be listed as Member Services). You’ll most certainly want to call your Insurer at that number and ask if St. Helena Recovery Center is available to you as a benefit of your Insurance Policy as you seek treatment for your addiction.

During your stay with us you will likely progress through the multiple levels of care we offer as your success grows, not all insurers cover all  levels of care in full. We will always work with your Insurer to give you the best care.

There is a small cost difference between the different levels of care offered and each level of care is determined by our doctors working in tandem with the doctors at your insurer to give you the best care. To this end we offer the following levels of care:

  • 24 Hour Level of Care
  • Day Level of Care

For more more information on the costs to these levels, click here.

If your insurance company determines that you are eligible for our Full Day level of care only, we have available low-cost room and board. If you need this service, we will ask you to pay an extra $70/day for Room and Board that is NOT covered by insurance. This $70/day charge is in addition to deductibles and co-payments that are part of your health insurance plan.


Your insurance card may have separate information for Behavorial Health and/or chemical dependency.

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Success Stories
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