St. Helena Recovery Center, Napa Valley Drug Rehab
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A Safe, Confidential Place for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the Napa Valley

At the St. Helena Recovery Center, we believe in arming you with the tools to live sober. We are compassionate, caring, confidential, and deeply committed to your success.

Chemical dependency is a treatable condition, and our evidence-based, custom designed residential treatment program has helped thousands of addicts and their loved ones. The St. Helena Recovery Center equips you with the skills, knowledge and support to maintain lifelong sobriety and regain a healthy mind, body and spirit. We focus on recovery by helping you gain a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction, and give you an action plan to restore health and balance to your life. In the hands of a multidisciplinary team of experienced, educated and credentialed professionals, you will experience the compassionate care and personalized attention necessary for achieving lasting recovery.

Located in the heart of California’s Napa Valley, just north of San Francisco’s Bay Area, the St. Helena Recovery Center is a well-established leader in drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment programs, and is here to help you with full intensive therapy with alcohol and drug addiction, including addiction to pain medications.

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Success Stories

Success Stories
I am so grateful for this opportunity. I know this experience has changed my life and the lives of my family. The counseling staff works wonderfully as a team. I've received something from each counselor Read More>>
St. Helena's staff treated me with dignity. I felt safe and well-informed through Dr. Hambrick and Dr. Arlene Taylor's powerful, informative and educational lectures. Read More>>